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We only use the best hardware on the market to give you the performance boost you need and ensure performance


All our game servers are hosted inside a Docker container for best resource limiting to give you the ressources you pay for.


We continuously monitor our servers. If you are nevertheless exposed to hacking, we do our utmost to repair any damage.

Our Setup

At Unique Hosting our dedicated, high-performance gaming servers are set up to deliver security, control and ultra-fast performance to users at all scales. Whether you’re a large community with your friends or you want to create a premium gaming experiences for serious players around the world; we have the capabilities to match your needs.

CPU - We use Intel i7-6700k/7700k CPU processors to reach the maximum performance for games utilizing only a single thread. These processors are some of the fastest processors on the market making them perfect for hosting game servers.

Network - Our servers are hosted in enterprise-class data centers that are peered to Tier-1 network infrastructures. So you and your fellow gamers can rest assured that low ping rates and constant downtime will be a thing of the past, no matter where you’re located.

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CentOS 7 - is a free clone of Red Hat Enterprise Linux which we utilize for all of our dedicated servers.

We do believe CentOS is the most stable and best operating system to use to give you the security and performance we promise you.

All of our systems are tuned for maximum performance with our custom version of CentOS.
Monitoring our servers is crucial in terms of knowing that our dedicated servers are performing as we promise. In that case we use Grafana to give a perfect overview of all of our servers ressources in one place with minimum ressource usage.

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Automatic backups happen daily to ensure all of our data stays safe and we use multiple remote cloud storage repositories so nothing gets erased.
All of our game servers are hosted in containers to keep your data safe. Docker is the industry leading container software perfect suited for running sandboxed game servers where ressources are limited but dedicated to each container.

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Our security protects against multi-layered DDoS attacks without any extra cost for you regardless of attack size and duration

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With the new revolutionary open source game hosting panel to ensure the lightning fast loading speed and unlimited possibilites.

We offer a customized, user-friendly control panel based build around Pterodactyl. We've designed the panel so you will be familiar with this interfaces and the functionalities you need to manage your server.

If you wish to request features for our panel please contact our support team as we always seek to imrpove our panel.

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Optimized For Speedy Performance - Our users will always have access to the best MySQL database hosting for all their servers. Optimized for performance, our MySQL servers are designed for rapid response with minimum hassles.

Built-in MySQL Manager - Simplify database issues by taking advantage of our easy-to-use, powerful MySQL Manager - phpMyAdmin.
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